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Max Unger Bullies Dre Bly as Justin Forsett Charges By

As Fox would have it, my broadcast didn't start until the second quarter. It's Seattle ball, third and one on the Seahawks 22. As fate would have it, the Seahawks drove down the field and scored to pull ahead 14-7.

Max Unger mostly did yeoman's work. He started with a modest single block. The next play he pulled out with better release than previously shown and was able to cut across the field and lead block for Julius Jones on the right. Unger ran a long way but never did block anyone. On the third play of the quarter, he single blocked the left defensive end and again held his ground. Seattle had converted two firsts on three plays and gained 26 yards.

Unger was uncovered. Chris Spencer took on the nose and Ray Willis the left defensive end. Unger pulled out and attempted to block out Takeo Spikes, but Spikes started right of center and read and reacted to the play before Unger could pull out and engage him. Spikes capped the hole and took part in the tackle of Just Forsett after a gain of one.

He put a glancing block on the nose tackle when the Seahawks line shifted left. Matt Hasselbeck rolled right and released before Unger could factor further. Hasselbeck found Burleson for eight and a new set of downs. Forsett ran behind right guard on the following play, and Unger teamed with Spencer to turn the nose guard. Seattle fought hard for three.

Finally we see Unger get beat, but unlike previous weeks, Unger wasn't beat back, discarded, thrown or knocked over. Nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin bested him off the snap, but Unger recovered, showing the tenacity he showed at Oregon, and getting stout when it mattered. Franklin pushed no further.

He double teamed the left defensive end on the next two plays. In the first, he attempted to slide off Isaac Sopoaga and block into the second level but never found his man. He held ground but didn't factor otherwise on the second play. Jones attempted a cut block on Manny Lawson, succeeded only in bouncing off Lawson, scrambled to his feet and caught Hasselbeck's outlet pass. The play went for -2.

Forsett curled, caught and unwound towards the end zone to score six and give Seattle the lead. He was in before a defender could touch him. Spencer pulled out immediately and wormed into Willis' body. Last season, Spencer slammed Willis but Willis slammed back, separating and tackling Jones after eight. This time, Spencer stayed with Willis, not attempting the knockdown block, but keeping on him, staying square and jogging the All Pro into the end zone. Sims pulled late but cut Mark Roman on a crucial backside block. Unger pulled cleanly, found Dre Bly and threw a schoolyard beatdown on the former Pro Bowler. He squared, coiled and blocked Bly into the air and onto his back. Touchdown.