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An Open Letter to Aaron Curry

Dear Aaron Curry,

You've fallen under the media's wheel. There are a mix of reasons: You were the fourth overall pick selected by a since resigned general manager, you play at an unfashionable position, you're kind of sloppy, you talk a lot of shit, you're proud, others in your class are outclassing you, you've been repeatedly fined by the league, and, most of all, because you are the latest face of the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Seahawks suck.

I don't know what to make of you. I didn't want Seattle to select a linebacker with the fourth overall pick. It made sense for Seattle to select you at four, the next six picks were expensive gambles red-flagged for health or behavior or inexperience. It still didn't sit right. Maybe it fell like a cheat.

Seattle had its elite linebackers in 2008. Their impact earned Seattle the pick they selected you with. Anyone who watches tape can see that a linebacker does not have the integral impact on every play that a wide receiver, quarterback or an offensive or defensive lineman does.

And yet, I know what I hate and I don't hate you. You're awesome. Like what the words means. Awesome. You're a hitter and I know that must mean something. Lawyer Milloy saved Seattle's season by browning Michael Crabtree's underpants. You run blitzed Steven Jackson and flanked him so hard he flew into the air. The frame, speed and coordination you possess almost defies positional classification. You weigh less but are broader, longer and more powerful than Darryl Tapp. Tapp. Seattle's best defensive end. You're faster than Forsett. If Seattle switched schemes and freed you to blitz between the tackles, you could be a punishing force at rush linebacker. You are quite simply the most special talent Seattle has drafted since Seattle drafted Hutch, and I want you to achieve Greatness in the Blue.

So: This weekend you face Brian Cushing. Cushing is adored. Cushing was selected after you. He makes noodles to your megabucks. No, you will never actually face Cushing on the football field, but his specter will be all over you like Russell on hustle.

Kick his ass. I am running a full Aaron Curry breakdown next week and I want to write about you ho slappin Chris Brown and wearing Matt Schaub like a meat suit.

Show us everything you have.

Field Gulls