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Brett Favre's Retirement, the Drinking Game

I'm not going to write some long sobbing soliloquy about the retirement of Brett Favre. Every sportswriter with any connection to football will write a paint-by-numbers piece endlessly reusing any combination of a select few topics (and Peter King will probably write 19 of these articles). Go to Google News, search Brett Favre, and drink for every time one of these dead-horse Farve themes comes up:

  • Superbowl XXXI
  • Great leader
  • Overcame a painkiller addiction
  • All-time interception leader
  • Jus' a good ole Bayou Boy, havin' fun out derr
  • Retirement / unretirement sagas
  • One word: Gunslinger
  • Deanna
  • Any time he is referred to in a quote as "#4"
  • "The Ironman Streak"
  • The magical MNF game after his father passed away
  • And of course, "Is this actually the end? Will he come back again?"

Anyone still sober? I doubt it. Either way, I've just saved you from having to read an offseason's worth of rehashed filler. You're welcome.