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Arriving at Matthew Stafford by Process of Elimination

There's a reason Matthew Stafford is all over Field Gulls of recent, and it's not that I want Seattle to draft him. I'm undecided. It's a lot simpler than that. Let's consult ESPN's top twenty draft talents.

1. Michael Crabtree

Will Seattle draft him?

Maybe. Seattle has bit-by-bit acquired an ess-ton of wide receivers, and spent a comparable number of resources to get there. Seattle has spent a first round pick, a third round pick, a fifth round pick (Keary Colbert), two sixth round picks and a seventh round pick to acquire twelve million dollars of wide receiver rawk-awesomeness. It speaks of achieving value through volume, and spending a fourth overall pick would violate that philosophy. Crabtree's is remarkable though.

2. Aaron Curry (Brian Cushing)

Will Seattle draft him?

Very unlikely. Very. If Curry turns out as a good as Leroy Hill, most would consider him a satisfactory pick, but Seattle already has Leroy Hill, and Leroy Hill four years further into his development. Seattle would be paying more and expending a draft pick to take on more risk.

3. B.J. Raji

Will Seattle draft him?

No. One year wonder with effort and character concerns that's really not a top ten talent.

4. Eugene Monroe (Andre Smith, Jason Smith)

Will Seattle draft him?

It's possible Seattle drafts a tackle, but I don't see it. Ruskell has stated he wants to build his offensive line through coaching and continuity. Depending on Walter Jones' health and Seattle re-signing Ray Willis, Seattle could be without a need at this position. This answer applies for Andre Smith and Jason Smith.

5. Matthew Stafford

Will Seattle draft him?

Probably yes. Seattle has a relevant need at the position. Stafford is a ringer for a Ruskell pick and a great fit for Greg Knapp's system. It depends on what Seattle's scouts think about Stafford, but he's certainly a strong contender.

6. Malcolm Jenkins (Vontae Davis)

Will Seattle draft him?

Maybe. Jenkins is definitely a Ruskell guy, but the team has a top cornerback, Marcus Trufant, and two players who have shown flashes, Josh Wilson and Kelly Jennings. Seattle would be heavily invested in one position, and wouldn't see half that talent for half their snaps.

7. Mark Sanchez

Will Seattle draft him?

No. Sanchez is a one year starter with major character red flags.

8. Aaron Maybin (Everette Brown)

Will Seattle draft him?

Depends on if Maybin or Brown maintain the weight to play end. See below.

9. Brian Orakpo (Tyson Jackson)

Will Seattle draft him?

Probably not. Orakpo is the purest end of the group, but to say Seattle doesn't have a need is an understatement. Knowing now that Seattle essentially can't cut Patrick Kerney, Seattle would be stacking the popes into the hole and hoping no one gets their feet burned. I mean, er, creating subtraction by addition. Who loses out? Darryl Tapp and Lawrence Jackson deserve snaps, and between those two and Baraka Atkins, Seattle has a better shot of developing a good to great defensive end internally than acquiring one through the draft.

Tyson Jackson only makes sense at defensive tackle, and still not much sense.

x. Brandon Pettigrew

John Carlson

x. Rey Maualuga

Lofa Tatupu

10. Knowshon Moreno (Chris Wells)

Will Seattle draft him?

Possibly but not likely. Seattle is attempting to create a system that deemphasizes the need for top talent at running back, and taking Moreno (or Wells) at four would seem a major overdraft. Don't count it out though. One thing I haven't talked much about but believe is that Julius Jones may have soured himself with more than Mike Holmgren. I can't imagine temper tantrums go over well with Tim Ruskell.

Stafford isn't the only pick, but he's not far off. In fact, after a little inspection, it's startling how many players are eliminated from consideration. Seattle's a young team without a young quarterback, and in this draft, there's one young quarterback that screams Seattle.