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In watching some highlights of Matthew Stafford yesterday, I saw why the Brett Favre comparisons have been flying around. I should preface this by saying I am in no way a scout, unless you count the Merit Badges I racked up in 3rd grade.



Across that small sample size, Stafford has a few of the same habits that Favre does (did?). Favre frequently generated leverage by rotatating his shoulders without fully transfering weight from his back foot and stepping into his throw. Stafford does the same on several of those throws, causing him to look hunched over upon his release (which makes it appear that he is looking at the ground while passing). On the Green touchdown, he fires an absolute bullet off of his back foot while fading. Pure Favre. Analysts breaking down Brett Favre made a point of always disclaiming that, while this worked for Favre, young QB's should not try this at home. Matthew Stafford does, however, throw some very nice balls to Green in places only Green can go get them. Will Ruskell go get Stafford?

With the combine coming up in about a week, there should be some interesting stories as guys fly up the board due to measurables. I can't wait.