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A Glance at Roster Construction

The TNT put together a nice concise look at the current roster and how each position has been filled in the past few years.

While the piece includes the number of players kept at each position in recent history, this is a new administration and so the roster makeup could vary slightly here or there. Eric Williams will continue to post updates of this roster analysis as the offseason presses forward. One section of note:

Number kept last season: Four
Currently on roster: Four
Average number kept since 2002: Four
Locks: Deon Grant, Brian Russell
In the hunt: C.J. Wallace
Longer odds: Jamar Adams
Comment – How much did the team’s lack of pass rush effect the play at safety for Seattle last season? It’s an interesting question, considering how productive this group was in 2007. Both Grant and Russell are veterans getting up there in years. Wallace is a solid backup and special teams player. Seattle probably will look to bring in a couple young guys to challenge the veterans here.