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Seahawks Face Cap Squeeze

So, yeah, I'm feeling better and hope to get this blog thriving again.

Ask The Commish does a pretty good job at predicting the salary cap. It currently projects Seattle at just 9 million under the cap, 26th in the league. Around this time last season, Seattle was shedding some players, replacement level linebackers with name recognition, bits and pieces like Ellis Wyms, Judas Brown (Josh Iscariot?), and some folks were freaking out. My response: quit your bitchin', because the worst is yet to come.

Well the worst has arrived and if Seattle wants money enough to sign its first round selection, it will need to spare the sympathy and sharpen the machete. And if Seattle wants true cap relief, it will need to get out from under one of its big boy contracts: Matt Hasselbeck, Walter Jones, Julian Peterson, Deon Grant or Patrick Kerney. Who would you cut?

This is why you don't sign Brian Russell and Jordan Babineaux to multimillion dollar contracts when a undrafted free agent could perform at a similar level.