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Combine Stuff -- Day One

Here's a brief wrap-up of Day One. First, my FO Combine report for Thursday.

Overall impressions -- This is the first Combine at the new Lucas Oil Stadium, and it's safe to say that the NFL is still working the kinks out -- at one point, the lunch buffet ran out of potato chips! You do not want to be around a bunch of sportswriters when the free grub goes low...

Michael Oher seemed very guarded, I was told. Didn't participate in his media session but I read the transcript and it was interesting. Oher said that he's never read The Blind Side and doesn't care who plays him in the movie.

Jason Smith of Baylor is a funny kid. Seems very intelligent. He had a bit of a chip on his shoulder because of the four top drafting teams, only the Seahawks had talked to him through Thursday. More in-depth interviews happened Thursday night, and I'm sure that has changed for Smith. Rob Rang has told me that a good Combine could rocket Smith way up top. 

Washington's Juan Garcia said that he was a bit surprised to be invited to the Combine, just because of the Huskies' 0-12 record. Regarding the Lisfranc injury. Garcia said that he has redained "that swagger. I've been busting my butt and I feel like my old self."

Miami head coach Tony Sparano said that he was surprised at how the Wildcat caught on with other teams. It will be a part of the team's M.O. going forward.  He also said that the team will scout players for the formation in some cases (Pat White, please pick up the white courtesy phone...)

Jim Zorn talked about the Redskins' red zone issues, Mike Smith said that Matt Ryan was in the film room the day after the Falcons' loss to the Cards in the playoffs, Jim Caldwell tried to head off the sense that Jeff Saturday will not return to the Colts.

UCONN tackle Will Beatty was asked by one reporter if "he'd given up any sacks today?" "No. Not that I know of."

Friday is the big media crush. Quarterbacks, running backs and receivers take the podiums, along with twice as many coches and execs. I'd better go eat my Wheaties. Also, I'll be writing a Sunday pool report for the QB/RB workouts. I did one last year from the RCA Dome for Josh Johnson. I am very excited to go back and do it again.