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Yes, indeedy. Our man was just at the podium, talking about why he didn't work out (has been running off the ankle 4-5 weeks, will do everything at his Pro Day), the teams he's talked to (yes, Seattle's one of them), and his confidence. "I have to believe I'm the best player in the draft. Otherwise, I'm just another guy." Confident in a reserved way -- it's hard not to like him. Knows how to carry himself.

More later when I get the transcript, but that's the news for now.

Also, interesting item from Graham Harrell -- he talked to the Cardinals last night, and they mentioned the fact that they'll put the best players on the field no matter what -- five receivers, no problem. I wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility that one of a few hybrid teams -- Green Bay, Arizona -- would see him as a guy with potential.

Update: The Seahawks are meeting with Mark Sanchez tonight.