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Mora at the Podium

Line notes for now -- he just concluded his presser. More later when I have the transcript.

The Seahawks are not starting from scratch -- to many good things have happened.

He most enjoys the time with players -- favorite thing about the Combine is the interview process.

Ruston Webster conducts the interviews.

Being a head coach is much different -- less X-and-O and more big picture.

This is cool -- five members of Seattle's coaching staff are conducting position drills.

Key to a quick turnaround? Establishing a high level of energy.

Quick turnaround -- second key to it is a quick start. ATL went 4-0 to start in his NFC Championship season...

Leroy Hill -- they didn't want to lose him, vote of confidence, good-faith negotiations are proceeding.

He's all about making the current players play better.

Crabtree height -- 6-1 1/3, but 34 1/2" arms and 10" hands. "That makes up for it"

Spread offense guys -- standard conversion complaints, but he added that tight ends are now offering to send NFL teams practice film of them blocking one-on-one.

Need or BPA? At #4, it's BPA. Too early to talk about trading down.

Since the new coaches are installing their schemes, the Seahawks are leaning more heavily on their scouts then they will in the future. Coaches and scouts have had position parameter meetings -- specific attributes per position so that everyone's on the same page.

Laying back and watching Holmgren for two years was big for him -- learning at the feet of the master, so to speak. He really appreciated Holmgren's ability to balance compassion for the players with the ability to whomp necessary ass. 

I'll try and pop in later today depending on what's happening. Like I said, more on the Mora thing tonight.