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Seattle Twice Meets with Connecticut Cornerback Darius Butler

Doug passes along that Seattle has twice met with Darius Butler. Butler is projected to go in the late second, so I think the interest is pretty obvious. Coming off a disappointing senior season that ended with a sprained knee, Butler could slide into the early third. It was his first season without an interception after recording 10 his first three seasons. The knocks on Butler are familiar: size and top-end speed. And as sure as those weaknesses fit Tim Ruskell's drafting modus operandi, so do his strengths: four-year starter, two-year team captain, good quickness, good feet and good ball skills. The sum of the parts is something like a slower, slightly taller Josh Wilson.

I understand continually adding talent, especially at a marquee position like corner that teams need to go six deep at, but Butler doesn't impress me. He's a decent downhill tackler, but side saddles on tackles, and that's going to lead to a lot of yards after catch in the pros. I was pretty happy with how Jordan Babineaux played in dime packages, and the team still has Kevin Hobbs in the wings. Of course, this could be that indication we've watched for that Seattle is beginning to give up on Kelly Jennings. Josh Wilson, for all his perceived upside, is probably best at nickel. Jennings turns 27 this coming season(!), and for a player drafted to contribute right away, looked awfully unpolished last season.

Watch for Butler's vert, he supposedly has tremendous hops.