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A Questionable Decision

While the combine is still going on over in Indianapolis, one of the biggest stories so far has nothing to do with 40 times or shuttle drills. Darrius Heyward-Bey was the fastest man on the track, putting down a blazing 4.3 second 40 yard dash. Andre Smith was equally fast in disappearing from Lucas Oil Stadium altogether, leaving many at the combine wondering if Smith deserves to be picked as high as his talent seemingly dictates.

"I'm dropping him down on my list," NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock told "You don't show up in shape for the biggest job interview of your life. You don't lift. You don't run. You don't show up. It's the worst thing you can do. How can you not show up in shape for this?"

Mayock is not only concerned with Smith's lack of physical readiness:

"A team told me this morning that this guy has not been the best worker. The thing that bothers me is I've seen how (Alabama coach) Nick Saban runs his programs and how hard he works those guys and challenges those guys. How far (Smith will) drop in the draft, you don't want to throw him out because the guy has a lot of ability."


"The minute he got away from the Saban umbrella, look what happened," Mayock said.

Reports from Smith's camp are that he caught an earlier flight to go back and start working out in preparation for his Pro Day.

Players who aren't planning on working out at the combine generally leave early. The fuss is due to the fact that Smith left without notifying anyone. Pissing off NFL teams was not the best of chocies for a man trying to get a big contract from... an NFL team. Combining this gaffe with his suspension from Alabama's bowl game, we have even more proof that Andre Smith will not be a Seahawk