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Minnesota Set to Trade for Sage Rosenfels

Triple Mediocre Quarterback Package Yet Revealed

A little good news/bad news for Seahawks fans: Minnesota, in desperate need for a quarterback after twice doing what some many fans think is a brilliant, unprecedented move: taking mid and late round flyers on marginal quarterback prospects, is on the verge of trading a fourth round pick for another marginal, but much older and semi-accomplished, quarterback: Sage Rosenfels. Rosenfels is known for his exceptional ability to both throw to Andre Johnson and the guy completely open opposite Andre Johnson. Johnson, much to the future surprise of (hated) Vikings GM Rick Spielman, is not included in the trade. Rosenfels is also very different than Gus Frerotte because duh and like whatever. He's also old but less old. Doddering rather than decrepit. Feisty rather than ambulatory.

The good news is that this probably doesn't solve Minnesota's quarterback problem and makes them again only a marginal contender despite their abundance of maximal talent. The rest of the good news is that this likely takes Minnesota out of the running for both Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez. The Vikings being a dark horse contender to trade up and draft one of the two. That's kind of the bad news, too. Minnesota is no longer a potential trading partner for Seattle's fourth overall pick, a pick Seattle should do its damnedest to trade down from, no longer a destination for Seneca Wallace, every bit Rosenfels' equal but fast, and no longer a destination for Matt Hasselbeck should Seattle decide on the complete teardown. Another dead opportunity; so it goes.

Except, of course, Tim Ruskell and Rick Spielman hate each other.