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Free Agent of Interest: Drew Carter

Free agency isn't so exciting when you're broke.

Name: Drew Carter

Birthdate: September 5, 1981.

Height/Weight: 6'4", 202

College: Ohio State, plagued by injuries, played in 32 games

Notable Stats: 41 receptions, 631 yards, 1 touchdown

Pros: Fifth round pick by Carolina, 33 games played over four season, signed with Raiders, missed entire 2008 season with torn ACL

Notable Stats: 71 receptions, 977 yards, 8 touchdowns

My Interest: Carter signed a one year, 2 million dollar contract with Oakland in 2008. After missing the entire 2008 season, he won't be offered as much in 2009. That means in football terms, he's essentially free. Carter is a developmental prospect beginning to make good. He's also ridiculously injury prone. He's down two ACL tendons and whatever one loses when their ankle is beaten to pieces. Despite all that, he's still ninety percent what he was exiting college: a 6'4" wide receiver, with good hops, an ability to fight for the ball in traffic and 4.4 speed. His speed is a probably a little closer to 4.5 now. The Raiders signed Carter while Knapp was the offensive coordinator, so there's possible interest and at least some relationship. The player profile is pure Al Davis. Seattle is in position to sign high risk/high reward players. Carter is more risk than reward, but the reward is tantalizing.