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Prepare to be Underwhelmed: Michael Hamlin Highlight Reel

Michael Hamlin is not an exceptional athlete. Well he is, but he's not relative to other NFL players. Watching him, he lacks great acceleration, great change of direction ability and shows only adequate hops. Think football and not athleticism and Hamlin's highlight reel pops like few others. Instead of scrutinizing his forty or his bubble, look at his ability to break on a ball out of zone, count how many times he's actively doubling a receiver and check out how on each and every interception he's playing tight coverage before making a play for the ball. It might look flashy to snatch a tipped ball, stutter step, spin and hurdle the opposing center before stiff arming the quarterback into the turf while high stepping into the end zone, but there's phenomenal plays that make phenomenal tape and there's consistency and good football.