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Khalif Barnes is a Car Crashing Sack Machine

That Seattle has no interest in signing.

To be frank, I hate the start of free agency and crap like this is why.

The Seahawks, who showed interest in Stinchcomb, would be a logical suitor for Barnes.  He's the next best player available in a weak crop of free agent tackles.

Yeah, what could be more logical than Seattle signing Khalif Barnes? The Seahawks are in dire need of probation bound busts. Heard of the Rooney Rule? Well this is the lesser known Schlicter Rule passed in 1983. Every team must employ at least one criminal reprobate bust or face sanctions from the NFL. The big news though is that San Diego Chargers GM AJ Smith is reportedly in talks* with Indianapolis and a National City In-and-Out burger involving a three way deal that would send Peyton Manning to San Diego, a steamin' Double-Double to Indy and Shawne Merriman to head line cook/assistant manager.

*We're pretty sure Indianapolis GM Bill Polian answered his phone when Smith called and that some sort of talking did then happen.**

**I'm getting asterisk happy.