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With the Fourth Pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, Seattle selects...Everette Brown?

I'm just starting to look in earnest at college footage. I found myself dismayed at the dearth of top talent -- emphasis on "talent". Great athletes tend to pop off the screen. Michael Crabtree is unmistakable. We can talk about his production and awards, but it's his athleticism that excites. Athleticism is a word thrown around with reckless abandon. Slow players are sometimes dinged for their lack of athleticism, but to me athleticism is not speed, or leaping ability or even production. Athleticism is the ability to control one's body in space. Larry Fitzgerald ran a 4.63 40, but damn does he look fluid, coordinated and controlled in everything he does. And though it's just a starting point, and by no means a definitive endorsement or even accurate portrayal of ability, only three major prospect's athleticism pop from the screen: Crabtree, Malcolm Jenkins and this guy:

Everette Brown. Is he for real? That's where the work begins, but consider him officially on the Field Gulls radar.