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Tim Lewis: Dynamic

Our dynamic foray into the minds of the coaching staff continues as Eric Williams (TNT) offers up this dynamic piece on Tim Lewis, Dan Quinn, and Robert Prince.

While more of an article on the people themselves, we are offered a few dynamic tidbits:

“It’s really dynamic,” said Lewis, who has been involved in many defensive schemes during his 14-year NFL coaching career. “It gives me a chill. ... This is going to be a dynamic group. I’m not so sure if they wouldn’t refer to this as the West Coast defense. It’s really neat to have as many people with as much experience as we’ve got on our defensive side.”

It certainly is nice to see a coach excited about the prospect of his players, although his dynamic love for "experience" is worrying. I'm going to assume Lewis is not crazy enough to continue letting The White Shadow roam the field.

Wide receivers coach Robert Prince also had this to say regarding dynamic former Husky Reggie Wililams, whom he coached in Jacksonville:

“We had a good relationship,” Prince said. “For whatever reason, it hasn’t turned out as well as he wanted. And I know he’s a free agent and I do have a relationship with him, but we’ll look at all the options with all of the guys.”

All interesting stuff, and you get a chance to see a bit of how coaches come up through the ranks. Quinn's siter-in-law and Mora's wife worked together at Nordstroms, and this helped get Quinn the job?

There is no way that a new coaching staff would be unable to recognize the ineptitude of Russell, right? I'm curious to see how the staff handles the combine aftermath and draft, as that will hopefully answer most of our defensive backfield questions. Dynamic.