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Get to Know Glen Coffee

Julius Jones wasn't a resounding success in his first season and though I think Jim Mora and company will give him a second shot, I also think Seattle will add running back talent through the draft. Seattle's next back should be cheap, fit a one cut zone blocking system, have some top end speed and pass the Tim Ruskell sniff test.

The name that springs to mind for me is Glen Coffee. Coffee is projected to go in the second day. Exactly when depends a bit on how he performs at the Combine. Cracking the third would be an accomplishment. He's a one-cut rusher that brings a little fight to the defender. You'll read knocks on his size, he's ~6'1" and plays at ~200, but Coffee ripped up his local Rivals event.

Ht: 6-foot-0  (Event)
Wt: 195 lbs 
Forty: 4.44 secs 
Bench max: 380 pounds
Bench reps: 22 
Squat max: 500 pounds
Vertical: 36 inches 
Shuttle: 4.25 secs 
ACT: 22
Class: 2005 (High School)

It's the TRST where Coffee separates himself.

Let's do this.

Games Played In: 35

Conference: SEC

Considered a Team Leader: Won the2008 Derrick Thomas Community Service Award

Production: 233 rushes, 1383 yards, 10 TDs

Second Ranked Rusher in the SEC

More YPC Than: Knowshon Moreno

Team Record in 2008: 12-2

Known Weaknesses: Size,Fumbling, Flash

Religious: Highly

Instantly Improves: Seattle's running back depth