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Seattle Signs Defensive Tackle Colin Cole

Adam Schefter is reporting that Seattle has signed defensive tackle Colin Cole to a five year deal. Cole will turn 29 June 24, offers almost nothing not freely available in free agency or off another team's practice squad (see Howard Green) and chips away at an already small budget. In fact, the impact of this move is actually worse than that, because Seattle has now committed itself to a marginal player and that marginal player will hurt its defense until he is benched or cut.

Update: The contract is for five years, 21 million with 5 million guaranteed. Seattle has no chance to cut Cole this season and will not likely be able to cut him until 2011. I wonder how well Cole interviews. If you think I'm a lone voice ripping this move, consider the thoughts of Packers blogger Brandon at SBN site Acme Packing Company:

“I’d give the coaches credit if all they did was release DT Colin Cole and replace him with any guy off the practice squad.”