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The Cole Scouting Report

From my buddy Bill Huber at Packer Report. Try and contain your excitement...

Cole is a career backup because he's at least OK at everything but doesn't excel at anything. He's good against the run, but even at 6-foot-1 and 330 pounds, he gets pushed around on occasion. His career sack total isn't anything special, but he did manage to get some pressure regularly. Few players work as hard as Cole, and his intelligence is an asset in that he rarely takes himself out of position. The Packers wanted to bring him back because he has value as a nose tackle and a defensive end in a 3-4, and would have provided depth at all three positions. Pair him with a quality tackle, and Cole would be a nice addition. If you're counting on him to be the guy up front, you'll be disappointed.

Here's the real kicker -- according to Bill, signing Cole took the Seahawks out of the market for Chris Canty, who has cancelled his trip to Seattle. Clearly, they see Cole as a major rotation guy/pure starter. Why that could possibly be is something we can only wonder.