So, Let's Talk About Quarterbacks

The NFL has a quarterback problem.  To wit: Nobody in the NFL has the least idea what makes for a successful professional quarterback.  Back in December, Malcolm Gladwell wrote an article for The New Yorker talking about The Quarterback Problem.  An excerpt:

But Couch was a flop in the pros. It wasn't that professional quarterbacks didn't need to be accurate. It was that the kind of accuracy required to do the job well could be measured only in a real N.F.L. game.

Gladwell weaves it in to talking about a couple other professions where it's been very difficult to predict future success: teaching and financial advice.

When we start talking about the Seahawks' draft, this is a good point to keep in mind: Nobody really knows what predicts future success in an NFL quarterback.  It'd be great if the Seahawks could find gold in a QB at the top of the draft, but it isn't a given.  Drafting quarterbacks is an inherently risky proposition.