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Why hasn't Leonard Weaver been signed?

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Well, it could have something to do with this. From Harold Lewis, Weaver's agent, who wants his client to be paid like a tailback:

"He's an excellent receiver, runner, and blocker. The fullback pay scale doesn't reflect his talents. We're just trying to find the right situation and the right contract. We can always go back to Seattle, because they'd like to have him back."

Hold up there, lil' buckeroo. Weaver is a solid playmaking fullback who brings possible H-back threats into the right offense, A good third-down guy with some weapon options. But let's backtrack to February 18, when Lewis told a different tale:

"As far as him staying in Seattle, I'm sure Leonard would be very happy," Lewis told Pro Football Weekly. "But just being a realist, I don't see it."

You can imagine how well stuff like that would go over with the Eagles, who aren't exactly "bendy" when it comes to player value -- ask Brian Dawkins. In the end, I think Weaver will be paid like exactly what he is, Seattle will probably cut the check, and Harold Lewis will have expended a lot of hot air for nothing.