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New York Jets Sign Howard Green

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One year deal, no other terms disclosed. Rex Ryan thinks Green gives the Jets versatility, because of Green's ability to play nose tackle. He doesn't and he can't. Green was regularly worked playing the less demanding one-tech in a 4-3. I remember talk about how Green was a single-gap playmaker who had been passed around the league because he is seen as a two gap plugger. I understand a 30 year old journeyman's need to eat, but it seems Green is again putting himself in a position to fail. Something about six-one guys pushing 350, coaches see run plugger no matter their actual ability. Green has one fit in this league, and that's as a 3-tech in a Jim Bates-style old school, wall of defensive tackles system. Kind of a Tim Bowens type. The kind of muscle in the middle that made Zach Thomas a star. Green could play alongside an even bigger, and much stouter player. Like an early career Gilbert Brown or Grady Jackson. That system is quickly fading, and the player that could once excel in it, like Green, is being mismatched to much more demanding 3-4 schemes.