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Seahawks Schedule Workout with Aaron Curry on March 26

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The above is passed along from Doug Farrar, who just finished interviewing Aaron Curry. This makes sense for a three reasons I can think of.

1. Seattle must appear to be interested in every available top ten prospect. Don't be fooled for a second into thinking Seattle isn't interested in trading down. It must be interested, because should the situation be right and multiple players Seattle values approximately the same are still on the board at four, it would be foolish for Seattle not to. If any trading partner thinks it's safe that Seattle won't draft any player, Seattle loses leverage.

2. Julian Peterson's salary averages $8 million from 2010 through 2012. Peterson may age gracefully, but that's a lot to pay any 34 year old linebacker.

3. The team has yet to commit to a long term deal with Leroy Hill. Negotiations have dragged on. Seattle may be attempting to gain leverage or are simply preparing themselves should they not be able to sign Hill.

Personally, I hope it's "1". Curry, however spectacular, is not a huge net improvement over Seattle's existing talent and will cost more in total resources (cap space and draft pick) than Peterson or Hill. Nevertheless, move Curry back into the "possible" bracket.