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Ruskell's Secret Plan

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Last offseason, the Seahawks lost 4 more players to free agency than they signed. Why is this significant? The NFL awards compensatory picks to teams with a net loss of players through free agency in the previous year. Bleacher Report has the scoop on the team's potential bonanaza windfall mildly good fortune. Attaining these picks depends on whether or not the Hawks sign any more free agents.

What sort of flexibility will these four (potential) extra picks bring?

Unfortunately, the Seahawks will not be able to trade any of the compensatory picks, and they all come at the end of the seventh. But it basically gives the Hawks a jump on signing undrafted free agents -- it will be like the old 12-round drafts.

Still, there is the occasional 7th round steal like Marques Colston, Matt Cassell, Ahmad Bradshaw, or Cortland Finnegan. Maybe this is the year Tim Ruskell finds the gem that leaves us all smiling. Either way, the Hawks will have the pick of the litter with respect to the UFA types. Why re-sign guys like Mo Morris when you can bag another Auburn receiver the following draft?