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Ohio State Pro Day Results

The Plain Dealer has the goods.

Beanie Wells ran between a 4.34 and 4.46.

Malcolm Jenkins ran between a 4.46 and 4.53.

Pro days typically yield better results and the modest improvement by Jenkins is essentially meaningless. If a team doesn't think Jenkins has the quicks to cut it in the NFL, today's results will not change that. Wells numbers are a bit more eye popping.

Wells had plenty of long runs in his three year college career -- if rarely against elite competition. And his profile entering the draft was that of a size/speed freak. Wells ran a 4.53/40 at the combine. That's good for a 235 pound back, but hardly noteworthy. Now, let's say he had run a 4.34. You can guess the implications.

Seattle was in attendance along with 28 other teams.