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The Tape: Mr Hustle Meets the Bears, pt 1

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In fairness to Colin Cole, I wanted to break down Cory Redding's play against the same opponent. You might be shocked to learn that copies of week one's epic showdown between the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions are rather hard to find. And so, for the sake of timeliness, I will instead break down Detroit's home game against the Bears in week 6. Let's be clear about a few things. Atlanta ranked 13th in rushing DVOA and 9th in yards per attempt. Chicago ranked 24th in rushing DVOA and 27th in yards per attempt. Chicago rushed for 97 against Detroit. Atlanta rushed for 318. Still, I'm not so sure that's because Atlanta's interior linemen, Justin Blaylock, Todd McClure and Harvey Dahl, are better than Chicago's interior linemen, Josh Beekman, Olin Kreutz and Roberto Garza. When evaluating a defensive tackle, that's the opposing talent that matters. Both teams broke off something and left, winning by a combined 40 points.


Cory Redding is a team leader. That makes him, by my count, Seattle's fifth team leader on defense alone. Six if you count Colin Cole. That's a lot of cooks. If the team tanks again in 2009, will everyone tell everyone to keep their head up, stay unselfish and stay competitive? Will there be factionalism? Shouldn't someone be talented and raw, coachable, a listener, someone who follows? I can't be the only one suffering daily terror comprehending Seattle's "West Coast Defense".

He's also a lot of fun to watch. Detroit aligned Redding on both the right and left, but played him almost exclusively over the "B" gap in the "3" tech. I'm not wild about jargon. Basically, Redding's job is to run through the space between the guard and tackle and into the backfield.

Redding starts on the left. He shows a quick first step and a good hand punch, but does not factor in a short pass for 8.

Redding cuts into the hole, but Matt Forte powers through an arm tackle. Forte runs for five and the first. Redding tackles.

Redding shifts right. At the snap, he disengages, stunts into hole but misses on the tackle.

Redding shifts back left; again shows a good first step and good hand punch.

Right. Redding disengages, runs down pile, but does not factor.

Left. Redding is quick off the snap, forces double team, but is neutralized.

Redding is subbed out.

Subbed out.

Eighth play of the drive. Redding on the right. Detroit zone blitzes out of a nickel package. The Lions overload the left, or offensive right side. Right defensive end Dewayne White drops into coverage. Redding runs a modified edge rush, effectively isolating left tackle John St. Clair. Forte slides over for a support block, but a support block isn't necessary, and Redding factors only as a decoy. Left end Jared DeVries sacks Kyle Orton for a loss of six.

Next play. Right. Redding shows a good first step, reads draw, disengages but whiffs on an arm tackle.

~End of drive~

Redding is subbed out the next three plays.

Redding aligns on the left. He's a little slow of the snap, but forces a double team. Orton passes incomplete on 3rd and 6.

~End of drive~

Left. Good initial push, clears pass rushing lane for Shaun Cody.

Right. Pushed out and away from play. Kevin Jones runs for three.

Next play (The Goods)

2-7-CHI 42 (1:05) 18-K.Orton pass short left to 27-K.Jones to CHI 45 for 3 yards (21-T.Fisher; 50-E.Sims).

Chicago breaks 2 WR (Right), WR (Left), TE (Right), Rb. Detroit in a 4-3. Before the snap, Detroit walks up its linebackers, Paris Lenon between the left defensive end and left defensive tackle and Ernie Sims between the left defensive tackle and right defensive tackle. Redding is right over the 3 gap.


Orton stands, calls out the blitz, but does not audible (formation). The Lions walk back their linebackers. Redding slides inside slightly, moving over the 1 gap.




Orton makes a quick read and dishes left to Jones. Given the unbalanced formation and brief read, this is a designed play.

Jones has space in the flat.


Redding isn't credited with the tackle, but his bruises are all over it.


Next play. Redding slides left, but stays over the 1 gap. Redding sidesteps and shoots the 3 gap, flashing excellent quickness. The pass goes for 8 and the first.




End of quarter.