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Know Your Tackles

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It sure is slow on the NFL News front lately. Luckily, that gives us the chance to take some time introducing ourselves to the crop of offensive lineman. For instance, did you know that Duke Robinson is Smokey Robinson's great-nephew? You're intrigued now, right?

On Eugene Monroe:

Monroe battled Chris Long (now with the Rams) every day in practice. He competed alongside Brandon Albert (now with the Chiefs) for two seasons. He patterned his game on D'Brickashaw Ferguson, the Virginia tackle whose college career ended the year Monroe arrived. It's the kind of environment that galvanizes a young man into an NFL-ready left tackle, and Monroe is the most polished of the Big Four prospects.

Two of those three facts don't particularly mean all that much; I patterned my game after Ray Allen and KG still has not shown up to scream obscenities at me. Virginia has produced two fine offensive lineman recently, so at least we can trust the competition and the system. 

Another fun fact, this time regarding Antoine Caldwell. Those of you who read the Mock Draft here yesterday will remember his name:

"He's one of the top character guys I have ever come across," Ian Rapoport said. "He's a team player, a dynamic individual." Neal McReady was also impressed. "He's a great leader with a great motor, the kind of guy you can build a team around."

He went on to add, "He's the kind of guy you want to curl up with on a cold wintry day when it's too frosty to ice skate.". Fine, I made the last quote up.

Give the rest of the article a good eye-lashing. You can never know too much about offensive linemen.

On an administrative note, there won't be Daily Links tomorrow, Tuesday, and potentially Monday as I'll be off in Chicago for an interview. Play nice.