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Tim Ruskell Attends Georgia Pro Day

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I've pumped this possibility for a while, but it's time everyone comes to terms with the startlingly exciting and exhilaratingly terrifying prospect that Seattle will draft Matthew Stafford with the fourth overall pick. Multiple accounts report Stafford excelled. I certainly hope Stafford excelled at Georgia's Pro Day.

I'm drown in too much to do as late, with the Julian Peterson trade and an incomplete look at Patrick Chung, but I intend to fully break down at least two games started by Stafford. There's a perception from some that Stafford is a second rate quarterback prospect. This is due to the overall weak quarterback class, Stafford being overshadowed by Sam Bradford and fears about Stafford's decision making. The fears are justified, but don't be mistaken. Stafford is one of the most talented quarterback prospects to enter the draft in many years. He was universally considered a better prospect than Bradford, Mark Sanchez and Colt McCoy before the season started and should he reach his potential, is a near-certain Hall of Famer. Forget bogus projection systems, Stafford's next four years is going to be a wild, unpredictable ride that should be crazy fun or at least barf-inducing.

Oh, and Knownshon Moreno moonwalked to a 4.63 in the 40 yard dash. You never know, Seattle could trade back into the first to select him.