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Houshamazood: The Scouting Report

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In lieu of tape-watching, which I wish I had time to do tonight on Seattle's newest receiver, I asked a friend for his take. Former NFL scout Tom Marino helped build the Greatest Show on Turf that Seattle fans hated so much -- specifically, he scouted Drew Bennett for the Rams and talked Martz & Co. into Marc Bulger, who Tom had scouted when he was with the Saints. Tom goes back far enough to have worked with Mora the Elder, and keeps his eye sharp enough to know all about James L. as well. Here's his short take on Houwshamazilli:

He was a real (word that rhymes with Masspole) in high school and JuCo, but hasn't been a problem since (that I know of anyway). They were barely able to get him into Oregon State based on his academic standing. He is exactly how you described him (an inside receiver in a queen set).  He has been a successful #2 for most of his career, but on a winning program he is a three.  He mis-matches inside defenders (nickel backs) and is also an effective red zone receiver. 

Doug, I don't think he runs like he used to, but last season I still thought he was able to separate vertically.  He also adjusts to the deep ball well.  He has never been a nifty guy after the catch, but he has strong hands, is experienced and can catch on contact.

More as it crosses the wires...