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The Tape: Stafford's Ascent into Purgatory

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Today, by the boxline, I said to a coworker "Inferno is great but skip Purgatorio and Paradiso. Paradiso is near unreadable. (Though I think I said: "Paradisio".) ...The Divine Comedy."

"Oh, Dante's Inferno. I wasn't aware it was a comedy."

"It's not comedy, ha-ha, it's a comedy in structure."


These are the sort of conversations we have around the box line. A friend once countered when I said "Purgatorio is boring" that "it's about Purgatory. What do you expect?" Those were the kind of conversations we had in our dank, bachelor hovel.

I'll skip formation and play-result on hand offs.

Drive Three

Good, smooth hand off.

Good, smooth hand off. Sells the around to the wide receiver.

Pitch left. Ahem, good pitch left.

Sells hand off, gives to wide receiver on end around.

~End of drive~

Drive Four

Smooth, maybe a little crossed up hand off.

2-10-GA11(14:11) Matthew Stafford passed to Michael Moore for 12 yards.

3 WR (right), WR (left), TE (left), SG

Flanker screen to Moore. Snap and throw.

1-10-GA23(13:40) Matthew Stafford rushed for 3 yards.

WR (right), 2 WR (left), TE (right), RB (left)

Stafford drops, left defensive end Trevor Anderson comes free from the backside, Stafford steps up, Anderson closes; Stafford tucks, runs and slides for three. Good pocket awareness. It's very encouraging seeing Stafford sense backside pressure.

Pitch right.

3-5-GA28(12:17) Matthew Stafford passed incomplete to Tripp Chandler.

2 WR (left), WR (right) -> (left), TE (right), RB (right), Shotgun

Moreno runs a 2 yard curl into the flat. Stafford looks him off and then badly overthrows Chandler coming open on a quick out. Moreno was open.

~End of drive~

Drive Five

Pitch left

2-14-GA32(7:18) Matthew Stafford passed incomplete to Mohamed Massaquoi.

WR (right), WR (left), TE (right), I-formation

Georgia runs a play action into the teeth of a six man blitz. Stafford wisely cuts off action, so as to have some time in the pocket. Stafford sets and badly misses Massaquoi. The attempt falls five yards in front and to the right of the receiver.

3-14-GA32(7:11) Matthew Stafford passed incomplete to Knowshon Moreno.

2 WR (right), WR (left), TE (left), RB (right), Shotgun

Botched screen attempt disrupted by a zone blitz. Stafford meekly throws it away.

~End of drive~

Drive Six

Hand off

Stafford hands off on a run right. Moreno reverses field. Stafford throws himself into the action, blocking ahead for Moreno. Moreno runs for three.

3-5-GA49(0:39) Matthew Stafford passed to Knowshon Moreno for 8 yards.

3 WR (right ), 2 WR (left), Shotgun

Low snap. Michigan State runs a nickel blitz from a stampede formation (no down linemen). Moreno is in the slot back position. He runs a skinny post. Stafford senses pressure and delivers an accurate strike to Moreno. Moreno strides through the recption for two more yards and the first.

1-10-MIST43(0:32) Matthew Stafford passed incomplete to Kenneth Harris.

2 WR (right), WR (left), Slot back -> HB (left), RB (right), SG

Pocket rolls right. Stafford overthrows off back foot.

2-10-MIST43(0:26) Matthew Stafford passed incomplete to Michael Moore.

2 WR (right), WR (left), Slot back -> HB (left), RB (right), SG

Pocket rolls right. At first glance, it looks like Stafford simply overthrows and open Moore and misses a big opportunity. On second viewing, Moore runs a clunky double move and almost trips over his feet. It's fair to say Stafford was throwing to where he though Moore would be.

3-10-MIST43(0:21) Matthew Stafford passed incomplete to A.J. Green.

2 WR (right), WR (left), TE (left), RB, SG

Georgia runs a max protect, with both tight end and running back blocking left. Stafford sails a "screw-it" pass well over a triple covered Green. The entire ending drive is unsavory, feeling a bit like Georgia was giving in and Head Coach Mark Richt had little confidence in his offense.

~End of Half~