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Hard to Believe

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4 year starter. Productive. Norfolk State.

Let's play a little game: Which of those three does not look like it describes a typical Seahawk? We've surely spent ample time on the Top Pick Merry-Go-Round, so let's look at another later option.

Norfolk State cornerback Don Carey told that the Seattle Seahawks have extended an invitation to him for an official visit. Carey will visit the Seahawks' coaches and tour their facilities on April 14–15.


During his senior year, Carey intercepted five passes, recovered a pair of fumbles, made 42 tackles, defended six passes and blocked a kick.

His junior year was also solid. Carey started 11 games, recorded 28 solo tackles, 4 tackles for loss,  picked off 3 passes and broke up an additional 8, blocked a kick, and for his efforts was named second team All-MEAC. I'm not exactly sure how the Front Office even knows of his existence, but talent is talent and it's interesting to see the Hawks looking at non-FBS schools.

Edit: The Seahawks also apparently worked Carey out on March 16th.