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Burleson on the Mend

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After destroying his knee against Buffalo last year, Nate Burleson has had an offseason full of rehab. The good news for Seattle, however, is that Nate is apparently close to full strength.

“That’s in my mind to come back faster than I was before,” Burleson said. “Originally, when I heard that, it really didn’t make sense physiologically. But when I started to work out, you’re not just maintenance lifting.

“Most of the time you’re just trying to maintain where you are, and you’re just trying to stay healthy and keep in shape. But with the rehabilitation it’s more of a college workout. … So I probably am going to come back more explosive.”

Burleson is also excited about the group of receivers the Seahawks have put together:

Burleson said he believes adding the talented possession receiver to a corps of receivers that already includes Branch, Burleson and tight end John Carlson makes Seattle one of the more explosive offenses in the league.

As long as Burleson, Branch, and Houshmandzadeh all stay healthy, Seattle should be a lot of fun to watch on offense. After all, I'm fairly sure the injuries last year were just a down payment for a full year of absolute health in 2009.