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A Redistribution of Kurt

Getting to the Super Bowl surely cemented Arizona as the favorites to repeat as NFC West Champions this coming season. There is reason to believe, however, that the quarterback responsible for running the Arizona offense may be playing his home games one state over this year.

Warner, a two-time most valuable player who led the Cardinals to the Super Bowl last season, became a free agent when he did not re-sign with the team.

Arizona has offered a two-year, $20 million contract to Warner, who will be 38 when training camp opens. But Warner is seeking a deal worth at least $14 million a season.

Let's say Warner does indeed sign with the 49ers and the Cardinals go with Matt Leinart:

  • The 49ers instantly become a better team, but do they have enough to compete for the division?
  • The Cardinals are likely to be worse off, but by how much? Leinart was a talented guy in college and has had plenty of time to marinate on the bench. If Leinart can come close to running the offense like Warner (or like 85% of Warner, which is  "Warne"), the Cardinals will still be in contention.

As a Seahawks fan, would you rather Warner stay in Arizona and take your chances against that offensive juggernaut, or redistribute the wealth and raise the average talent of the NFC West?