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The return of open hunting season for Free Agents* goes hand in hand with a discussion on the Salary Cap. We're aware of the limitations that the cap imposes on talent acquisition (which somehow doesn't apply to Daniel Snyder), but how do these limitations affect parity in the league? The wonderful Advanced NFL Stats took a look at year to year parity in the NFL with respect to the Salary Cap.

I will now wait patiently while you read through the article.

*Not a Marvin Harrison joke

Now that you've read the article, think about the implications for the NFL. If the new CBA somehow comes back without a cap, expect to see a decrease in the elastic nature of NFL teams not under the control of Matt Millen. The difference in revenue for NFL teams is large, so expect to see teams like the Redskins gain a considerable competitive advantage. Whether or not you like the general parity in the league, it certainly beats MLB's setup. Imagine being a Royals fan, then hope the NFL can keep the Salary Cap in place.