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2008 Season Retrospective: Courtney Taylor

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Courtney Taylor

Overview: Taylor was tapped to fill in for Deion Branch. His first game was a disaster. His second withered under stifling coverage by Nate Clements. At that point, Seattle, coaches, quarterback and fans, gave up on him. Taylor went on to play in ten games, starting four, and recorded only nine receptions.

What Went Wrong: Everything short of injury and some might say staying healthy was a mistake, too. Now, of course it's premature to write him off entirely, but Seattle has moved on and rightfully. He didn't get open or wasn't targeted, and if he just wasn't targeted, it's probably because he looked shaky and incapable when he was.

Quintessential Game: Seattle at Buffalo

Courtney Taylor dropped two passes. This first, on Seattle's first offensive play of the game, was entirely accurate. The second, on a drag that had success written all over it, was somewhat behind him, forcing Taylor to break his route an ever so tiny amount. Both should have been caught. Easily. That was bad, sloppy football by Taylor.

What Went Right:  This:


Outlook: Frustration aside, Taylor likely sticks. He was Seattle's best gunner by season's end; Perhaps the only Seahawk that could both run the field and tackle. His upside is, coincidentally, TJ Houshmandzadeh with better jump ball skills. The chance he achieves it is about equal the chance Lawrence Jackson becomes Justin Tuck, but as long as Taylor's young, athletic, can contribute on special teams and is cheap, there's no reason to drop him. Pro Football Prospectus reports that in 2008, Greg Knapp ran 4+ wide receiver sets on 4% of all plays. Taylor won't develop much while Seattle's wide receiver corps is healthy. So he'll have plenty of opportunities. If nothing else he can spell Nate Burleson. As the last man who still believes in him, I wish Taylor a healthy preseason. He needs one.