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Tampa Bay Bucs Re-Sign Jermaine Phillips

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Patrick Chung Reportedly Still Awesome

Seattle didn't sign the missing component to their D, and, yes, a bird in the hand, etc; and, yes, the thought of Seattle retaining Brian Russell is horrifying like nanotech-Ebola, but there's some good to be had here.

Seattle needs depth at tackle and the best player they're likely to sign is Ray Willis. It worries me that Seattle has shown no interest in the berserker colossus. With Phillips off the table, maybe Seattle sees him as a best available talent. Willis has shown potential at right tackle and right guard and gives them the kind of flexible depth to weather an injury. Seattle's offensive line needs talent, depth and potential--bad. Willis has a little of each, knows the system and knows the surrounding players.

Seattle is in a sweet spot to draft a safety in the second. Phillips, for all his solid play and fringe benefits, is weeks shy of 30. He upgrades Seattle's defense now, but declines as it improves. Seattle doesn't need another leader in the secondary, it needs a raw talent that can grow and mature with the team. The benefits attained by signing Phillips are attained by adding any quality, run-stopping safety. Like, say, Patrick Chung.

Or even Patrick Chung.