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Seahawks Sign Blocking Tight End John Owens

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Seattle has signed former Lion, Buc, Saint, Brown, Dolphin and Bear tight end John Owens. On the offensive side of the ball, Owens is all block no receive. Owens is built like slimmed down defensive tackle, and functionally isn't much different than an extra offensive tackle. Greg Knapp, like Mike Holmgren before him, doesn't use two-tight end sets very often. Owens won't see the field too much, but when he does, it'll probably be in high leverage situations: goal line, and third and fourth and short.

Owens spent three weeks on the injury report last season. He has the kind of physical style, squatty build, variety of injuries, age and lack of overall athleticism that makes me think he's a favorite to land on the IR. Of course, what do I know? I just spent twenty minutes wrestling with a joke that's punch line reads: veld, ship, firmament, Cleveland, ocean and mountain.