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Justin Griffith to Visit

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Leonard Weaver still has not signed a contract with an NFL team, Seahawks or otherwise. Clare Farnsworth reported a piece of news that could mean the end of Weaver the Seahawk. Or not.

[The Seahawks are] also scheduled to host fullback Justin Griffith.

Griffith (6 foot, 230) played for the Raiders the past two seasons, when new offensive coordinator Greg Knapp also was in Oakland. Before that Griffith was with the Falcons, when Knapp and coach Jim Mora also were in Atlanta.

Farnsworth also thinks that bringing in Griffith may be insurance in case Weaver leaves:

The word has been that the team is interested in signing Weaver, at the right price.

Not all news is Earth shattering, but it's nice to know that the Hawks have a backup plan in case they can't re-sign Weaver.