Four reasons why the Seahawks should draft Patrick Chung

Here at Field Gulls we strive to bring you the best in commentary and analysis. Unfortunately I'm not very good with words, so you'll have to bear with me as I illustrate my point in moving pictures.


Yes, that would be Brian Russell effectively screening Marcus Trufant out of the play. Way to be a team player, B-Russ.

Now for three you may have seen before...


KSK pointed out a while ago that Brian Russell is so slow these days that he's whiffing on his trademark late hits.


Of course, this play resulted in a Baraka Atkins sack. I just wanted to highlight the sack any other safety could have made in his sleep. 


And of course my personal favorite, Brian Russell's perfect form head tackle. I think we all know what kind of joke would be appropriate here. 

Questions, class?