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Seahawks Re-Sign Ray Willis

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Per Schefter, as is seemingly everything these days. Terms unknown, two more years of Big Die Slow. Me likey. The Redskins and Raiders were in the mix -- Sando reports that Washington offered him a starting right tackle shot, and he obviously turned it down. In my mind, this is the move that makes Sean Locklear the short-term incumbent at left tackle, pending Superman's knee, a move I don't really like in the long term, but remember that Locklear has incentives built into his contract based on time at left tackle. The Seahawks have seen this coming.

So. what does this do for Seattle's line in the big picture? Do they take the elite tackle at 4, grooming him under the best player in the history of the franchise, and use Locklear as the left tackle spackle? Or does Willis shade in at guard or provide depth? The terms will tell us a lot, but I can't imagine Willis turning down a potential starting spot with a near-playoff team to come back to Em City for a below-the-fold role.