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Seattle Very Interested in Michael Hamlin

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The Jermaine Phillips tease has left town and Seahawks fans are left clutching what could have been. At least Seattle is seeking other partners, because Brian Russell has left his mark on this franchise and the penicillin stores are running low.


Hamlin, the former Clemson safety and co-captain, spoke with representatives of nearly a third of the teams in the league during his four days in Indianapolis including Seattle, who ran three different people by him one day. "I talked to Seattle maybe four or five times in one day," he said this week. "I also met with New England, San Diego, Chicago, Pittsburgh, the Colts, the Bengals and the Jets." --Greenville News (Hat tip

It's a no brainer, really. Strictly from a production and playing standpoint, Hamlin is the best safety in the draft. Clemson has back to back top twenty pass defenses despite a pass rush ranked 54 and 108. Hamlin is the secondary's best player and their undisputed leader. He's a polished strong safety that can start this season; Tim Ruskell again seems committed to winning now while building towards the future. Hamlin fits that compromise, right down to his advanced age: 24 in November. He's no Patrick Chung, but don't be surprised if he's soon a Seahawk.