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Seahawks Mock Draft 2

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Mock drafts are disposable, but fun. Kind of like Twitter. Some more names to consider in 140 characters or less.

4. Matthew Stafford QB: Draft pundits insist you build around a franchise quarterback, but successful picks join teams with existing offensive talent. That's not Detroit. It's Seattle.

37. Max Unger C/G: Unger can compete for either guard spot or challenge Chris Spencer for center. He's smart and agile and fits a traditional zone blocking scheme. Not a tackle.

68. Michael Hamlin SS: Not a huge upside safety, but polished and very productive. A good mix of in the box skill and cover awareness. Could start in 2009.

~105. Mike Thomas WR: Sorry size queens, Thomas makes Branch look tall. And stiff and slow: 4.3 speed, 40" hops, 6.65 agility and eye popping production in college. Deadly return man.

~171. Terrance Taylor DT: Not surprisingly, Taylor performed much better on the 9-4 Wolverines than the 3-9 Wolverines. A former top DT prospect; Taylor is a better, younger, cheaper Cole.

~211. Jake Ingram LS: Never get between a man and his obsessions. Ingram isn't Schmitt's equal, snapping in .65/.7 to Schmitt's .53(!), but the team needs a long snapper.