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A Pre-Draft Glimpse at the Roster

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The always handy Eric Williams at the TNT has the wonderful habit of occasionally putting together a look at the roster.

I'll mostly leave this up to you to browse, but:

Number kept last season: Four
Currently on roster: Seven
Average number kept since 2002: 4.5
Locks: Kelly Jennings, Marcus Trufant, Josh Wilson, Jordan Babineaux
In the hunt: Kevin Hobbs
Longer odds: Marquis Floyd, DeMichael Dizer
Comment – Seattle still may need another big body here, and could get a guy through the draft. Two bigger corners Seattle has sized up is 6-foot-3 corner Sean Smith from Utah and Don Carey out of Norfolk State.

We already knew that the Hawks kicked the tires on Don Carey, but apparently Sean Smith also has drawn some attention. Go browse through Williams' roster and see if anything else jumps out.