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Tim Ruskell Not Considering All Options

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Most teams don't like to tip their hand, but Seahawks GM Tim Ruskell thinks that's hogwash. When Seattle's first pick rolls around on April 25th, Ruskell ensures reporters he has "a list of one." And in rounds two, three and four "virtually no options. We're really locked in."

"We're selecting Eugene Monroe in the first. Walter Jones is cooked and we have no faith in Sean Locklear at left [tackle]. After that, we're targeting Ziggy Hood. We restructured Cory's [Redding] contract so we could ditch him at first opportunity. We're committed to taking Hammie [Clemson safety Michael Hamlin] at three. We had some doubts there, but he ensures us he's not Ken's [Dallas safety Ken Hamlin] brother or son. We're gonna have to take his word on that."

"We've assigned one scout to each prospect. Players we think will go in the first, second, third etcetera, and we directed them ‘follow this guy around. Day and night. Be real clear about your intentions and try to get to know everything about him.'" Seattle intends to get "their guy", no matter the cost. "If we attended their Pro Day, or invited them to come work out for us, we're definitely planning on drafting them."

It's all part of the "Seahawks Way" says Ruskell. He expects his coaches and players to uphold the highest possible ethics and expects the same of himself. "We're not resorting to double talk or deception. We've made it clear, league-wide, this is who we want. This is who we need."

Asked if "their guy" wasn't available, Ruskell bristled. "I don't foresee that."