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Patrick Chung: Oregon's Defensive Prodigy

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Exclusive interview feature here. More on this guy over the weekend as I run a mock up the flagpole, but the vitals are as follows:


51 college starts at age 21.

Played the rover position, which, as Chung told me, is "Safety/corner/linebacker all rolled into one. You have to cover tight ends, cover slot receivers, play in the box, Cover-2 and Cover-3 and you are pretty much the guy who covers the whole field." It's a nice skill set for a defense that will demand versatility.

Looked good at the Senior Bowl, Combine, and his Pro Day. The latter event had Seattle DC Gus Bradley running the drills, and Chung nailed his coverage assignments, by all accounts.

Yesterday's events obviously extended and altered various trade scenarios in this year's draft, and we have to guess at this point when it comes to Seattle's perception of safety as a need. Still, this one wouldn't surprise me at all.