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The Surprise of All Surprises

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Matt Hasselbeck went on ESPN 710 yesterday with Mike Salk and Brock Huard, and the TNT has provided a summary in print.

When asked about the offseason plan now that Mora is at the wheel, Hasselbeck commented that the team was working harder than usual this offseason.

... several veterans have stayed around and have been working hard since the team’s offseason, weight training regimen began in mid-March.

“There’s no vacation this season for anybody,” he said.

Naturally, the converstaion turned towards the speculation that the Hawks may draft Hasselbeck's replacement this season. As you could imagine, Hasselbeck isn't ready to be run out of town by some 21-year-old frat boy with shaggy hair.

"I’m a little biased here, right?" Hasselbeck said. "We could draft him, but it would kind of stink for him because he would have to sit on the bench for awhile."

Hasselbeck went on to say that he’s never been a fan of first round picks at quarterback because of his situation. Hasselbeck was a sixth round pick and not invited to the NFL Scouting Combine as a senior coming out of Boston College. He believes a lot of quarterbacks like himself, Marc Bulger and Kurt Warner became good quarterbacks because they had to work their way up and earn the respect of their fellow teammates.

"I think it’s just a situation for me as a sixth-round pick, where had I been first rounder I don’t think I would have succeeded," Hasselbeck said.

As part of the conversation about pecking order and earned respect, Hasselbeck brought up an interesting subject:

Hasselbeck said he believes because he does not have an established bond with some of the team’s younger players that he has to earn the respect of some of the young guys, and will work to a better job of that this season.

When pressed for a demonstration on how exactly Hasselbeck would welcome a young quarterback onto the new practice field in Kirkland, he was kind enough to share:

Of course Hasselbeck doesn't want to be replaced, but that's not his call. We see some classic cognitive bias here, as Hasselbeck believes all quarterbacks should develop the way he developed. His personal stance aside, as long as Matt is willing to actively aid in the development of the next QB, all will be well in the land of the Hawk.