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The Tape: Swift Justice


Boston College's drive ended with an Aaron Curry fumble recovery that reminds us that recovering fumbles may not be repeatable, but it's certainly a skill.

  1. Curry started the drive on the offensive left. BC had rushed center or left on its first six runs and I think this was defensive coordinator Dean Hood's reply. Lars Anderson is playing an H-back role and motions left then right pre-snap. After the snap, Anderson sweeps left behind the line and targets Curry. Curry sidesteps him, keeping outside contain while probably being held and definitely being blocked in the back. Montel Harris runs up the middle for three.
  2. Curry blitzes off left end showing good speed and great quickness off the snap. He gets low-bridged by Harris, but quickly recovers and forces an outlet pass by Chris Crane. Ryan Purvis receives for six.
  3. Curry aligns offensive right. He holds contain and sidesteps into the pile, but only after Harris has run up the middle for four and the first.
  4. The fifth play yields the fumble, but this is the connoisseur's play. BC breaks 2 WR (left), WR (right), split backs, shotgun. Wake Forest: 3-4. Curry is opposite the left slot receiver. Moments before the snap, he slides in towards the line and at the snap, blitzes. He edge rushes sophomore left tackle Anthony Costanzo, fails to turn the corner, sees screen and cuts in and away from Costanzo. Crane springs the trap, finding Harris with more lead blockers (four) than defenders to beat (three). But Harris doesn't beat the defender, the defender beats Harris.


    Harris, redirecting and maneuvering around his blockers, travels about six yards vertically in the time it takes Curry to travel 15 yards horizontally. His speed is startling. Curry tackles Harris after seven, but arguably saves 32 and six.
  5. BC runs a zone read with Crane keeping it. Alphonso Smith strikes from the third level forcing an arcing fumble. Curry pushes Anderson aside and shows good body control and good hands to scoop the loose ball. Yet another reason to run away from Aaron Curry -- if only anyone could.