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Et Tu, Holmgren?

The news broke this morning that Mike Holmgren apparently wants back into football in some capacity and The Washington Post has the story. Luckily for you, KSK got into the story before I could (as always with KSK, there will be four letter words). Back to actual news item, apparently Holmgren has run out enthusiasm for his motorcycle or just can't stand babysitting anymore. 

Former Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren said he has made the decision that he wants to work again and is open to the idea of coaching, but has not made a final decision on whether he will do that or work in a front office somewhere.

It should come as no surprise that Holmgren wants to return. Having spent as many years around football as he has, cutting the cord has to be difficult. Holmgren's playoff stint as an analyst left a lot to be desired, so hopefully he finds work with a team.

Holmgren laughed that on draft day he was supposed to be babysitting one of his grandchildren but kept sneaking peeks at the television. Soon he was talking to it, criticizing teams' moves. Finally Kathy Holmgren came in and reminded him that he wasn't working.

It remains unknown which team Holmgren would like to neglect his grandchildren to join.